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Union makes strength, especially when you are trying to launch your eco-innovative company. Therefore, associations and clusters can help you in several ways along the path from start-up to commercialization. Because of this, INNEON offers some resources to select the group that best fits your company profile:

  • Global Cleantech Cluster is an association created by some investors and cleantech companies at a global level. It currently consists of 50 Global Clusters members which represent over 10,000 Cleantech Companies Worldwide.
  • Cluster Observatory is a free online platform with information and analysis of clusters and cluster policy in Europe, which provides detailed information about existing clusters (not limited to green business), in an attractive format.
  • The Global Cluster Observatory is the world scale point of reference of Clusters. Cluster Observatory and other clusters associations, such as those from the United States, Canada, India or Japan, take part in the Global Cluster Observatory.
  • The European Innovation Partnership on Water (EIP Water) aims to ease the development of innovative solutions dealing with big water challenges. Its market place allows water innovation stakeholders to meet with interesting colleagues, as well as offering/demanding innovative water products or services.
  • GreenXpo is an online initiative willing facilitating eco-innovation knowledge transfer, accelerating the uptake and exploitation of eco-innovations.
  • Eco-Innovera focuses on the support of eco-innovation in research and development, as the first pillar of the value chain. It aims at providing best practices for research planning and funding, setting an European networking platform for information exchange, assessing and facing potentials and challenges of research on Eco-Innovation, and develop specific dissemination strategies to support Eco-innovation diffusion along the whole value chain.


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