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INNEON presenting its programme to European Regional Development Agencies

INNEON was invited to present its programme on AGORADA, the annual spring event of EURADA, the European Association of Development Agencies.

The event will take place at Scotland Europa in Brussels. INNEON will presenting its programme during the session How to combine financial instrument with other support measures? on Thursday 16-17:30 pm.

Most of the European Regional Development Agencies (RDAs) are promoting loans, guarantee schemes and venture capital to contribute to finance private investments. Financial instruments are being deployed to contribute to companies’ competitiveness. However, there are still numerous challenges. Despite low interest rates private companies are facing important financial needs. Furthermore, from the point of view of RDAs financial instruments are complex to manage and need a continuous update of the skills of the RDAS’ staff. The purpose of AGORADA is to help regional development agencies to explore possibilities to increase the availability of funds for investments in economic growth.

During the morning of Thursday 26th of May, an overall view of the European Union support will be given. There will be a detailed presentation of the Investment Plan of the European Commission and the Financial Instruments in the Cohesion policy. Initiatives to help regions to implement this financial instruments will be presented, such as the Seal of Excellence, the Fi-Compass platform and calls to support policy learning in regions. In the afternoon there will be presentations of best practices already tested from regional practitioners. These examples will provide direct information about reliable possibilities to implement financial instruments in regions.

During the morning of Friday 27th of May, the discussion will be focused on the realization of new projects to implement more effective financial instruments. New projects will be discussed, together with already tested innovative financial instruments and future possibilities for disintermediation.

The main target audience for this seminar are experts from European regional and innovation development agencies. We welcome other stakeholders seeking to establish closer links with principal actors of economic development like financial intermediaries, investors, business angels, crowdfunding platforms, etc.

For more information on the event, please click here.

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