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Here you will find the interviews about INNEON project and partners:

INNEON interviews 5 major European Business Angels

Madrid, 2016. Eco-Innovation is one of the most promising sectors In Europe, as demonstrated during the meeting with major European Business Angels organized by INNEON, the Network for Eco-Innovation Investment in Madrid mid March.

As a part of the meeting, the INNEON team had the opportunity to interview the Business Angels on their perspectives on the role of eco-Innovation for the European economy and also on how networks as INNEON can contribute to this.

The Business Angels considered that eco-innovative businesses have an attractive add-value and are in the scope of European policies. Indeed, the European Commission’s priority is to make eco-innovation one of the niches where every European country could improve its competitiveness, create jobs and generate high value added growth.

The involvement of European regions in eco-innovation is critically in line with their smart growth strategies. It represents an opportunity for INNEON to grow and consolidate its network.

Download the full interview.

The Business Angels interviewed (left to right): Andrei Tabaco (Romania), Jenny Tooth (UK), Guus Keder (Belgium), Kenneth Larsen (Denmark) and Paco Negre (Spain)

David Aitken presenting INNEON at Cleantech Innovate 2016

David Aitken from Carbon Trust, a member of the INNEON consortium, had the opportunity to present the INNEON programme to the audience at Cleantech Innovate 2016.

For more information on INNEON at Cleantech Innovate 2016, please click here.

INNEON interviewed by EcoAP: "what does eco-innovation mean?". Sept 2015.

September 2015. Our partner from INNEON Alison Cavey (Orion Innovations) gave past month an interview for EcoAP, the Eco-innovation Action Plan launched by the European Commission (get more information of EcoAP), and talked about some of the challenges facing entrepreneurs and potential investors in eco-innovation, and what can be done to help.

The interview is also available at the EcoAP "Experts interviews" section here.

Europe Opportunities Forum at the Day of the Entrepreneur in Valencian Community (DPECV2014). 27 Nov 2014, Valencia (Spain)

November 2014. Europe Opportunities Forum was one of the novelties in SMEs and Entrepreneurs Business Focus during the DPECV2014 (Día de la Persona Emprendedora Comunidad Valenciana - Day of the Entrepreneur, Valencian Community) that was hold the 24th November in Valencia (Spain).

The aim was to promote eco-sustainable innovation by organizing several sessions throughout the day, bringing the European policies, programs and projects to the entrepreneurial and business fabric, focusing mainly on the Eco-Innovation. Issues related to entrepreneurship in the fields of climate change, eco-design and funding for eco-Innovative business projects were discussed.

INNEON was attending this event through a stand and a Presentation Session (read the INNEON news here).

In addition, INNEON offered some interviews at the Event, that you can find below

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