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Investors Network

INNEON has been set up as a Pan European forum dedicated to interaction between a select cohort of innovators and investors. It has a specific focus on promoting high growth businesses with eco innovative propositions that are relevant across a range of industrial, commercial and domestic markets. Our mission is to develop a network of investors with an interest in accessing curated deals from across the European market.

What does INNEON offer investors?
  • Access to qualified, high-quality investment propositions from eco and social innovators who have been coached by our team of expert practitioners.
  • Access to sector specific market intelligence and know-how to inform your decision making processes.
  • Opportunities to syndicate with likeminded investors from across Europe.
  • Access to professional eco-investors offering potential exit opportunities from existing portfolio companies.

This network will be formed by the following stakeholders:

  • New and mature venture capital funds (closed-end as well as evergreen) which invest in early stage and later stage eco-innovation and social innovation projects and companies.
  • Corporate venture capital (VC) funds & institutional investors with an eco-investment focus.
  • Business Angels (BA), networks and syndicates.

The Investors registration form contains an on-line registration form so that investors interested in being part of the INNEON eco-innovation network may apply.

Investor Registration Form
European Commission

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