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Here you will find the most recent news about INNEON project and partners.

  1. INNEON organized a Venture Capital Expert Panel to assess its programme

    During the Cleantech Group Forum Lyon 2016, which was sponsored by INNEON, we had the opportunity to set up a Venture Capital Expert Panel.

    The panel was organized in order to generate valuable feedback for INNEON: Not only on the business plans of the companies within our portfolio, but also on the general concept of the programme, strenghts and weeknesses as well as on a long-term business model of our coaching and matchmaking service.

  2. Eco-Innovation is one of the most promising sectors In Europe

    The Network for Eco-Innovation Investment has recently met European Business Angels

    Eco-Innovation is one of the most promising sectors In Europe, as demonstrated during the meeting with major European Business Angels organized by INNEON in Madrid on March 15th

  3. Votechnik USA patent was successfully granted

    Votechnik,  a spin out from the University of Limerick in the Republic of Ireland has recently successfully been awarded the US patent for its Trumaster-ALRTM  technology for the automatic recycling of LCD displays.

  4. INNEON sponsoring Cleantech Forum Europe Lyon 2016

    INNEON will be sponsoring the Cleantech Forum Europe 2016 in Lyon.

    The three-day forum will be held at the Palais du Commerce et de la Bourse, Lyon on April 11-13 2016. As a city with one of the most progressive agendas when it comes to being a ‘smart city’, Lyon is admittedly a fitting place for the event.

  5. Quality Fry - A new success story from the INNEON Network!

    QUALITYFRY, one of the companies selected by INNEON achieve a capital increase of more than 1m €


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