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Policy & Regulations Search Utility

The Policy & Regulation search utility provides a compilation of the most relevant and recent:

  • Environmental Initiatives, platforms and strategies.
  • Reports and documents reflecting environmental policies.
  • European regulations related to the environment.

Search instructions

  • Select which type of information you desire: Initiative, platforms and strategies; Policy reflections and studies; EU Regulations.
  • Choose the Area and Subarea/s that best fit your invention. Areas and subareas are structured according to this hierarchical scheme. Whereas only one Area can be selected, multiple selections are possible for Subareas.
  • Select one or more relevant keywords that could fit the topic you are interested in. Keywords are not free-text fields, but fixed terms that are linked to each Area.

Search results

Once you submit your search query, results will be displayed on a separate window. This will be the information provided:

  • Title, with a link for accessing the resource (pdf, website, etc).
  • Desired information.
  • Year (only applicable to regulations and studies; left blank for initiatives, platforms and strategies)
  • Area, subarea and related keywords. 
Policy & Regulations Search Utility
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