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Self-help Tools

This section offers a toolbox for entrepreneurs/SMEs who want to design an eco-innovation business plan.

The tools are classified according to the challenge they address:

  • Understanding of the value chain
  • Business model development
  • Financial planning
  • Budgets and financial calculations

    Excel spreadsheets for calculating monthly or yearly forecasting. Includes and associated guide about budgets and financial calculations.

  • Template for business plan presentation to investors, explaining the different sections to address of a business plan and the key points in each one of them.
    And example of a business plan (fictitious) together with the evaluation by potential investors.

  • A range of carbon footprint calculators for industrial sectors. Also includes water footprint calculations and identification of low carbon options

  • Financing and investors

    2 guides for the process of finding investors and securing funding: "Financing innovation" and "Tips on how to find investors" (from the view of a Venture investor)

  • Guide that outlines different types of business models with examples

  • Guide to write a good business plan, with outline of required sections and details of questions that need to be answered for each.

  • Quick test that validates the completeness of your business plan through a serie of questions of the same type as the ones investors will ask.

  • Guide that summarises key business issues, questions and lessons learnt for SMEs as well as presents selected eco-innovation good practices.

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